RIP, Professor Snape :(

Severus Snape

Severus Snape

Got up this morning to find the news exploding around the net that Alan Rickman has passed away–which makes two different 69-year-old Brits taken out by cancer in the same week, Rickman and David Bowie. And I gotta say, even though I’m not in the active Harry Potter fandom, I appreciate the books and the movies enough that this has hit closer to home for me. Bowie I’ve respected for his contributions to music as well as SF/F, even though I haven’t listened to his music.

Losing Rickman, though… fuck. 🙁 This hits hard not only because of Potter, but also Galaxy Quest, long beloved by SF/F fandom for its homage to Star Trek. And Die Hard as well, which has even been recently re-watched in my household. I also distinctly remember Rickman’s role in the Sweeney Todd movie that started Johnny Depp. I liked him in that, too. A small list of things I’ve ever actually seen him in–but oh man, what a list.

Here’s a roundup of links about the news I’ve seen so far on my usual morning reading:

Alan Rickman, Harry Potter and Die Hard actor, dies aged 69 on BBC News

Alan Rickman Has Died; This Week Is the Worst on the Mary Sue

Alan Rickman, 1946–2016 on

Oh, and Alan Rickman, on John Scalzi’s blog at the Whatever

Those of you who read me who ARE actively in the Harry Potter fandom, especially the Snape fans, many condolences for y’all today. And to all who have loved Rickman in any of his performances.

In conclusion:

  • This week is bad and should feel bad
  • Somebody needs to go check on Tim Curry, STAT
  • Fuck cancer
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