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Black Widow

Black Widow

I just spotted this report of Black Widow flash mobs all over the world today, all in the name of encouraging Marvel and Disney that yes, dammit, there is a market for female superhero merchandise, and that superheroes are not just for boys.

I’m not a cosplayer so I can’t really join the flash mobs–even though according to the Mary Sue’s report, there’s one right here in Seattle. To wit: AWESOME. But I love me some Natasha. She is the direct and specific reason that I started digitally subscribing to several of Marvel’s titles. And she’s also the reason that at least two different times, I’ve been complimented on a t-shirt choice–because I found this Black Widow t-shirt on About THE only place to date that I’ve been able to find any Black Widow shirts at all. And that’s a crying shame.

Because it’s insulting to young girls who might want a Black Widow toy to replace her with Iron Man or Captain America on her own motorcycle. Sure, Iron Man and Captain America are awesome, but y’know what? If you’re a young girl wanting a Widow toy, you want Black Widow.

And if you’re a girl–or a woman, or hell, a Marvel fan of any gender–who wants Natasha on a T-shirt, your money is just as good as the people who’re buying the shirts with the rest of the Avengers on ’em. So it boggles my mind that Marvel and Disney can’t see their way clear to releasing some official shirts. THIS IS NOT DIFFICULT.

In the meantime, has our backs. And I may just have to go give them more of my money.

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