Faerie Blood, Valor of the Healer

Faerie Blood and Valor of the Healer sale update

And now, for some amusing numbers!

I released the current, second edition of Faerie Blood into the wild in June of 2012. Up through May of 2014, I had a total of 335 sales over all for the book. My previous best sales month had been July 2012, pretty much right after I released the book, and January 2013, when I ran a $2.99 sale that got some signalboosting from fellow Carina authors.

Kicking the price down to 99 cents, though, has meant that in June and July of this year so far, I have had a total of 167 sales. A few of those were in early June, before I launched the sale. So it’s more like 160 sales as a direct result of the current low price.

June 2014 is my new record sales month, on the strength of the initial spike once I kicked the price on Faerie Blood down. June scored 97 sales. We’re now eight days into July, and July is well and thoroughly in second place but coming up steadily, with the current tally at 70 sales. At my current rough rate of sales (I’m seeing 2-4 a day coming in right now, mostly from Amazon), it’s reasonable to expect July may pass June.

Overall this means that roughly 33 percent of my current sales numbers are from this sale alone. NEAT.

And if I can get another 160 sales or so before the end of the month, I will DOUBLE the lifetime sales total for the book. If you want to help me make that happen, remember, signalboost! Signalboost! Signalboost!

Amazon sales are certainly welcome but I encourage signalboosting in particular to everywhere else I’m selling the book as well. B&N has clocked in so far with a total of 19 sales, iBooks has 3, Kobo has 5, and Google Play has 8. Smashwords so far is the only place where I’m selling Faerie Blood that hasn’t yet joined this party.

(I would be PARTICULARLY happy if more Kobo sales showed up. Because one, I love that Kobo has partnered up with indie booksellers. Two, they are a Force in Canada and I do love me some Canada. And three, they recently implemented a shopping cart on their site. The lack of a shopping cart on major ebook-selling sites has driven me spare for ages, and now that Kobo finally went and built one, I would love to see people filling it up. Ideally, with my stuff! But with other stuff as well. Reward them for their coding efforts!)

MEANWHILE: I’ve seen only a few confirmed sales of Valor of the Healer showing up as a result of the sale–but as I’ve previously mentioned, those numbers are much harder for me to track. The first wave of any really interesting numbers should be showing up for me by the end of this week! Still, though, the Valor sale needs your love as much as the Faerie Blood one! MORE, even, because it’s not lasting as long! Only 9 days left before Valor returns to its previous price!

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