Valor of the Healer

Chapter 20, finally!

Apparently I need to wander off to Canada more often, if it means I can actually finish up a chapter. Did a little bit of poking at Chapter 20 of Lament on Thursday night, more yesterday morning in Vancouver, and a bit more tonight–and realized that yeah, I was ready to go on ahead to the end of the file.

So this means the fourth draft of Chapter 20 is finally done. The biggest change to this turned out to be pulling a bit of interaction between Kirinil and Faanshi out of a previous version of Chapter 17, since I wanted that here for Kirinil generally magically checking Faanshi out.

And this means that at last, I can move on to Chapter 21. And hopefully pick up some serious speed with the editing. Chapter 21 is a Kestar chapter and I don’t plan any major edits here, so it should all be word count reduction.

Let’s see if I can get that chapter finished off by the end of the week. It’d be nice, too, if I can finish the edit pass by the time I’m ready to go to Disneyland.

Edited since Thursday: -69
Chapter 20 revised total: 4,733
Lament of the Dove revised total (fourth draft): 122,128

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