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For those of you on Facebook

I hear tell authors need things like official Facebook pages, so I made one, and you can find it right over here.

Those of you who’d like to follow me in an official Facebook capacity and focus on getting data about my writing, that’s your best bet. ‘Cause if you follow my personal account, you’re going to get a LOT more blathering about Quebecois music and Great Big Sea, and y’know, if you like those things, that’s awesome, but I DO tend to blather on. 😉

Probably what I’m going to do with that page is use it as a place to talk about interesting Here Be Magic posts (’cause that’s the Carina author blog I’m on), any general Carina news, and news about my self-pubbed works as well. Writing-specific posts from this blog will get cross-posted there. And I’ll maybe post answers to questions, or maybe tidbits of excerpts of stuff coming, or cover reveals, or y’know, author stuff!

Mostly though it’ll serve as a way for people who don’t know about me already to find me on Facebook.

So yeah. Those of you with Facebook accounts, y’all know what to do! That Like button sure looks shiny, doesn’t it?

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