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This is what the inside of my head looks like

There are days where I wish I could draw, sometimes. Because I have a picture in my head I’d TOTALLY draw if I had the time, and I’d be calling it ‘The Many Fandoms of Anna the Piper’.

There’d be a version of me right in the front with a Great Big Sea shirt, bouncing a baby version of me on her knee, only the baby’s babbling in French. And another me would have a Doctor Who scarf, and another a Battlestar Galactica flight jacket, and a third would be wearing lip gloss and wielding a stake.

A me in a Dewshine costume would be dancing her way around the circle, hand in hand with another pointy-eared version of me cosplaying Galadriel. There’d be a me with a Telgar Weyr shoulderknot on and her Threadfighting jacket slung over the back of her chair. There’d TOTALLY be a me cosplaying femme!Han Solo, knocking back a shot of the best Ardbeg she can get her hands on. And a me looking suspiciously like the one cosplaying femme!Han, only she’s got on suspenders and a long brown coat. ;D

There are laptops scattered all over the scene, as well as smaller computing devices. And every cat I’ve ever shared a house with. There are posters of the Seaview and the Jupiter II and the original Galactica on the walls. And there’s a me in the corner wielding a Swiss army knife and looking like she’s busy reassembling a functioning computer out of chicken wire, broken hard drives, and several empty cider bottles. Another me on the side would be dressed like an FBI agent, with Scully’s haircut.

And on the other side, oldest of all, would be a me with a bit of gray in her hair and an Elvis shirt, beaming kindly at everybody else.

Several of them have flutes of various shapes and sizes. One’s got the General and another got’s Ragamuffin, and another’s got my bouzouki, and anybody without an instrument has her hands up about to clap. Several pairs of feet are about to do some serious stomping. Everyone is singing. Because there is indeed a HELL of a kitchen party going on.

Welcome to the inside of my brain. <3

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