Oh, if ONLY this existed

Angry Birds–the original, not Angry Birds Seaons or Space or Rio or Star Wars–has sucked me back in again. This is what happens when they keep releasing new levels! I have to get caught up!

But as I’ve been playing lately, I keep seeing ads for something called Angry Birds Go!, which is apparently something new that they’re working on, with a sneak glimpse of it over here.

And being, well, me, as soon as I saw the title I totally leapt right over to Ken in Science Ninja Team Gatchman and his classic cry of “Biiiiiiird GO!” whenever he enacted his transformation sequence. Which, of course, TOTALLY has had me giggling over the mental picture of a Gatchaman-themed Angry Birds game all day.

It would totally work! There are five members of Gatchaman and five Angry Birds–well, in the original release, anyway, this isn’t counting the green, orange, and pink birds that showed up later! All the piggies would be wearing Galactor helmets! And the levels would have constructions shaped like Galactor kaiju mecha!

And the boss piggie would totally be wearing a Berg Katse hat!

And while you could make an argument for the Mighty Eagle of the original game representing Ken, any fan of Gatchaman will tell you that what you really want when you need to nuke the level is the God Phoenix.

I mean, seriously, the game writes itself. I’m just a little sad that this is undoubtedly NOT what Rovio has in mind, because I’m tellin’ ya, I’d buy and play the hell out of that!

Now I totally need crossover fan art!

ETA Y’all pardon me, I’ll be over here trying to figure out which bird maps to which member of Gatchaman now. ;D

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