I’m launching a Patreon!

Dara told me today that if I ever wanted to launch a Patreon, today is the last day to get an account grandfathered in under their current fee structure before they change things around.

Between that, and feeling like my writing really needs a jumpstart, I’ve decided to try this and see if a Patreon would actually help me get going again.

So as of today, y’all, I now have a Patreon up! In keeping with all my various social media accounts, its URL should not surprise any of you:

There are two tiers, a $1 and a $5. The lower tier gives you immediate access to any posts I make there, as well as early glimpses of works in progress and cover art drafts. (This is stuff I’ve posted about here on before, but my thinking here is that Patreon supporters will get quicker looks at this stuff before I make it public on the main site.)

The $5 tier will mean at least one piece of short fiction a month, no fewer than 500 words. I have a rough goal here of making this a serialized story, with one of two ideas I’m playing around with. I may in fact take a poll from any supporters as to which story I should pursue first.

And I have an initial goal set of $100. If I make that goal, I will write a new character vignette of no fewer than 1,000 words, featuring any character from any of my published books. Supporters will be able to nominate their choices and vote on who I should write about!

RIGHT THEN. Let’s see what happens with this, shall we?

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