Valor of the Healer

Who’s got the #2 slot on Carina’s Most Popular list today?


Second Place YES B'Y

Second Place YES B’Y

I still have no idea how many copies I’ve sold so far since the release date. And for the curious, I still won’t know for a bit yet what this month’s actual sales numbers are. The only ones I can monitor in real time are the approximations provided for Amazon numbers by Harlequin/Carina authors have a portal we can log into to get data, but I’m still new enough in the system that it’ll be a bit yet before any actual sales data shows up there. The site doesn’t update in real-time like the portals I use for my self-pub deployments do. I don’t expect to see any numbers there at least until the end of May, since I’m expecting royalties to occur on a quarterly basis, and it takes time to aggregate the numbers.

Still, though, this is encouraging! Whatever my actual sales numbers are, they are clearly “more than zero”! My goal with Valor is not hugely ambitious–if it performs better than Faerie Blood in sales numbers (and I’m lucky to hit two digits in any given month with Faerie Blood), that’s pretty much all I’m asking at my stage of the game. And so far things are looking good.

This does not suck. <3 Thank you to all who have bought the book so far! I hope you're enjoying it!

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