Valor of the Healer

One last thing before I rig for silent running

I will need beta readers for this hopefully last draft before I fling it back to Carina. The plan will be to finish the six chapters left that I need to do, let it simmer for a couple of weeks (and be beta read, ideally), then make one more read-through myself before I send it off.

Which means, assuming that I finish the edits in the next few days, I’m going to need people who think they can commit to reading the manuscript some time in the next two weeks.

If you’ve already read Lament before and are up for taking another crack at it, what I would need from you is to sanity check the changes I’ve made in response to the letter I had from Carina, and make sure the story still holds together.

If you haven’t read Lament before, pretty much the same–just read through the book like you would any other book, and tell me if you think it holds together well.

I would not, repeat, NOT require an in-depth proofread. I’ve already edited the hell out of this text, mostly to whittle down my propensity for verbosity, and I’m to the point of not wanting to whittle it any further because just about every word left in here is a word I very specifically want there. However, any glaringly obvious typos, missing words, or words I clearly should have used in place of words that are actually there should definitely be pointed out.

Most of all though I would need a commitment to step up and do this in the rough two weeks or so after I finish the edit pass. I really want to get this done and dealt with, and once the edits are finished, I don’t want to let the manuscript sit too long before I send it back to Carina. I’ve screwed around long enough. I want this done.

So! Four of you have already expressed interest (many thanks to userinfotechnoshaman, userinfogerimaple, Heidi, and Annie), but if anybody else out there wants in, let me know. The best way to do that will be to fling me an email (my gmail address of annathepiper will be fine) and let me know what email address I can reach you at, for purposes of sending you a manuscript.

And watch this space for when I announce being done.

Off to edit, people! Kestar, Julian, Faanshi? Let’s do this thing.

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