Nanowrimo, Valor of the Healer

No Nanowrimo for me this year

Because I’m in crunch mode at work and that’s likely to overlap at least a little into the beginning of the month, and also, because beating Lament of the Dove into proper shape for re-submission to Carina Press is of highest priority for me and the writings right now.

‘Sides, you guys wouldn’t want me to disappoint Julian and Kestar and Faanshi. Especially Kestar. I mean geez, the man’s got a face as earnest as the day is long. I couldn’t possibly make that face unhappy. And given what I’m doing to poor Julian at the end of the book, he’s going to be really cranky at me if I don’t get him to the beginning of Book 2 as quickly as possible. ;>

Good luck to all who will be doing Nano, though! I’m likely to be going just as spare as you guys during the month of November, so I’m with you in spirit!

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