Bone Walker

Bone Walker cover update!

Kiri just shot me a rough draft of the color version of the cover!

Moody Park is Moody

Moody Park is Moody

General notes, especially for those of you who haven’t read Faerie Blood yet:

  • Yes, Elessir is supposed to resemble Elvis. It’s part of his character. Although as he’s on record as telling Kendis, he was here first, and Elvis had the good fortune to resemble him.
  • Elessir’s ears are bigger than Kendis’, because he’s full-blooded Unseelie Sidhe, and Kendis is half-human.
  • For reasons which will become evident in Bone Walker, Elessir has a smaller magic ‘swirl’ going on on his cover than Kendis did, and he’s also specifically supposed to look lean and a bit wolfish, all of which I communicated to Kiri. I feel she’s capturing these things very well!
  • And since I also pointed Kiri at Elfquest for my inspirational source of What Elves Should Look Like, alert observers may see notes of that in both Kendis’ and Elessir’s covers.

Kiri informs me that these colors are rough background colors and will be enhanced as she starts adding in shadings and highlights. I’ve told her to favor blue and black for Elessir, especially with that guitar he’s playing. Very, VERY much looking forward to seeing the final product!

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