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Kickstarter update: Holding steady at 45 percent

We’re up to 45 backers and $1,825, and we’re 45 percent of the way there! And every last one of you who’ve chipped in so far are made of 100 percent, home-grown, pure organic awesome. It is a FACT, which I know because of my learnings!

And because of your general awesomeness, as I posted in my last update, I’ve dropped in that new all-ebook reward tier of $25, which will include both Faerie Blood and Bone Walker, as well as the previously posted short story “The Blood of the Land” and the in-progress Elizabeth/Ross novella. It is, therefore, time to share with you an excerpt from the short story!

The Blood of the Land Excerpt

This is another PDF link, and this one’s pretty short since the actual story is only about seven thousand words. I’m still putting it into PDF form though for the sake of brevity of post!

I’d like to extend particular thanks to all supporters who jump in despite having reservations about Kickstarter’s only allowed methods of payments are via Amazon. I very much respect why this might cause reservations, and deeply appreciate your support given anyway!

And remember, folks, even if you can’t support financially, signalboosting is love. It’s like handing cute little animals to the entire Internet! Or in my case, more excerpts–because we’re a scant $175 away from Chapter 2 of both books going up!

And, of course, the project lives right over here! Again, thank you all!

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