Bone Walker, Faerie Blood

Seeking tunes help for the Bone Walker soundtrack

Things have been pretty wacky around the Murkworks these last few months what with this whole book deal thing going on with Carina–but I do still have the Free Court of Seattle books and related things going on for all you fine folks who supported my Kickstarter. And it’s time for Dara and me to get back to working on the soundtrack for Faerie Blood and Bone Walker!

Which means I need to make some musical decisions. Part of the plan for this soundtrack, as y’all may remember, is that it will include a few instrumental sets of traditional tunes. I am on tap to make final selections for the tracks that need them–but here’s the thing. I am hampered by lack of personal repertoire, and by the sheer staggering tsunami of tunes from the Irish, Scottish, Quebecois, and many other traditions to choose from!

Internets, this means I’m going to turn to you. I know a couple people who’re reading me on Dreamwidth are Irish music people, and I have quite a few musicians Friended on Facebook who may click over to read this. So for any of you who may be reading, I seek tunes to fit the following scenarios:

1) A jaunty hornpipe in G or D (though I am capable of transposition so will consider other keys if the hornpipe is suitably awesome). We intend to plug this in as a bridge for a take of the Newfoundland trad song “Lukey”. Since we would like to distinguish ours a bit from the versions recorded by Great Big Sea, the hornpipe should NOT be “Staten Island” since that’s the one they use in their original studio recording. I’d like something similarly jaunty, though, which does not need to be played super-fast in order to sound good.

2) Tunes to fill out the set which will represent the big fight scene in the climax of Bone Walker. I want these to be reels or reel-like tunes in minor keys, and I want them fast and furious and badassed. Tunes with more than two parts to them are acceptable, e.g., Farewell to Erin. (Which is a candidate for going into this set, but I want other options to consider.) Bonus points if the tunes have names that evoke storms, lightning, thunder, or wind, as severe weather will be a major factor in the scene in question.

So talk to me, session/tunes/music people! What tunes do you know and love that fit these bills? If you fling me a good one, I’ll get your name into the liner notes!

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