Rebels of Adalonia

Update on the trilogy front

Nothing concrete I can report yet–but I can tell y’all that the trilogy I’ll be releasing via Carina, starting next spring, IS being busily planned behind the scenes! I’m starting to see–and participate in!–various important things that need to be planned. We’re talking titles. We’re talking cover art. And we’re talking cover COPY.

It’s starting to feel real, people, even above and beyond having an editor take my manuscript into the ring for several hard workouts! Now we have several other people involved too. People BESIDES ME are putting effort into making this book a reality, and laying the groundwork for the other two books to follow.

I’m torn between squeeing in general delight and feeling absolutely, utterly whomperjawed. I find myself being all “HOW THE HELL DID THIS HAPPEN WHAT IS THIS I DON’T EVEN” and then I add, “Um, Self, you wrote a book, remember? Now pick your jaw up off the floor and keep working on Bone Walker, mmkay?”

When I have specific tidbits I can share with you all, OH SUCH TIDBITS I WILL SHARE. Stick around, folks, it’s going to get progressively more entertaining around here in the coming months!

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