And now some really awesome things on a book roundup type post

This is a book roundup post made entirely of awesomeness, since it features four of my favorite authors!

Picked up in print:

  • Seawitch, by userinfokatatomic (Kat Richardson). Book Seven of the Greywalker books, which I’m quite looking forward to reading! Also bought in ebook because Kat is indeed at the top of my buying list and is Just. That. Awesome.
  • Two Weeks’ Notice, by userinforachelcaine. Book Two of her Revivalists series, which I am also quite looking forward to!

And, picked up electronically:

  • Seawitch, as previously mentioned!
  • Sentinels: Tiger Bound, by Doranna Durgin. Paranormal romance, the latest in her ongoing Sentinels series, which I’ve posted about before. I leapt all over this one since it features Maks, a Sentinel who transforms into a Siberian tiger, and I was quite partial to him with his brief appearances in earlier books since he’s very much the taciturn and earnest type that pushes my buttons in novels. I’ve already read this one, too, and it was great fun.
  • Libriomancer, by userinfojimhines (Jim C. Hines). HUGELY looking forward to reading this one–this is the first of Jim’s new series, about a guy who’s gifted in book-related magic! This is possibly THE best way to design a magic system for Relevance to My Interests EVER. Except maybe if you make a magic system around playing the bouzouki. 😀

98 for the year! And counting Seawitch twice since I DID buy it both formats!

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