Faerie Blood

Faerie Blood print edition update!

After learning that fixing the typo in Chapter 20 would cost me an extra $75–on the grounds that this would mean making a new master file for Third Place’s printing system, and that new master file would mean another round of plugging it into the system, which means another setup fee–Dara and I have elected to NOT fix the typo yet. We will fix it when there’s enough more to do to the print editions to justify changing the master files. Just taking out one character, not really so much of a justification, I fear. When we get closer to releasing Bone Walker, maybe I’ll stick a preview chapter in there or something–enough new content to justify the new setup fee, anyway!

For now, though, I WILL fix the typo in the digital versions, since that’s easy and free, and I will distribute the fixed copies to all the sales channels. Anybody who already has a copy can get a corrected version on request, too!

AND, I have requested a new print run of 25 copies from Third Place. So I should have new copies of the book back in stock soon! If anybody out there wants one, the time to express your interest is NOW!

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