End of a long week book roundup

Because even though working on my own words lately has put a big dent in the rate at which I’m reading other people’s words, I am still also BUYING other people’s words, so here ya go.

Picked up in print from Third Place Books, bought new even though they had a delicious 40 percent off Used Books sale going on at the time:

  • Mechanique, by Genevieve Valentine. Steampunk. Picked up pretty much because Kiri Moth did the cover art, and hey, she’s MY cover artist, so we’re talking cover artist solidarity here. Also, the book sounded like fun and I’d been meaning to get it for some time regardless.
  • The Inimitable Jeeves, by P.G. Wodehouse. Bought because the Murkworks loves us some Jeeves and Wooster, and the original stories were heartily recommended to me!

Picked up in electronic form from Barnes and Noble:

  • A Kiss at Midnight, by Eloisa James. Grabbed because B&N had it available for .99, and Eloisa James has been spoken well of on the Smart Bitches site. Also because this story’s influenced by fairy tales and I’m a sucker for that, and interested in seeing how a historical romance plays off of fairy tale tropes.
  • Canadian French for Better Travel. Grabbed this since it was available in ebook form for cheap, and because I’m interested in Canadian/Quebecois French, and hey, because I’m going to Montreal for a weekend soon!

75 for the year.

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