The Man I Got a Lot of Books at V-CON book roundup post!

Back from V-CON, and a full post on that will be forthcoming, but before I do that here’s a quick roundup of books recently acquired!

Picked up electronically:

  • Lord and Lady Spy, by Shana Galen. Historical romance. Nabbed this because of Smart Bitch Sarah alerting the Bitchery that it was on sale for .99 for the Nook, and I figured what the hell, I’m willing to spend 99 cents on this. It’s a historical romance version of the “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” spy scenario, and it sounds like fun!

Picked up in print, separately from V-CON:

  • Ganymede, by Cherie Priest. The next book in her Clockwork Century series, for GREAT ZOMBIE STEAMPUNK JUSTICE. ‘Nuff said!

Picked up in print, at V-CON:

  • Matriarch, by Karen Traviss. SF. This is Book 4 in her Wess’Har series, which I happened to grab because I saw it in a free books pile in the con suite. Woo!
  • Heroes Die Young, by T.M. Hunter. Bought from the nice ladies at the Champagne Books table, who even told me that if I liked this book, I could email her and say “Hey I got this at V-CON, can I have the ebook?”, and she’d let me have it! How awesome is that? As for what the book’s actually about, it’s a short space-opera type thing, with a hero in the mold of Han Solo. Which, as y’all should know by now, is very, very relevant to my interests!
  • The Bloodlight Chronicles: Reconciliation, by Steve Stanton. SF technothriller, bought from the SF Canada table (they appear to be a Canadian analog of SFWA). This is about an alien virus that vastly prolongs life, and a man desperately searching for its source so that he may grant eternal life to his son, who doesn’t have the virus.
  • Dance of Knives, by Donna McMahon. Also bought from the SF Canada table, and this one’s an SF novel about a futuristic Vancouver controlled by tongs and gangs. I was intrigued to note that this one was previously published by Tor, and the author has since gotten her rights back (due to low sales numbers) and has self-pubbed it and the sequel.
  • Forbidden Cargo, by Rebecca K. Rowe. SF, picked up from the EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing table. This one’s about the creator of a virtual system that allows instant access to all of humanity’s knowledge uncovering a plot to prove the existence of an illegally engineered race.
  • And last but definitely not least, Dirk Danger Loves Life, by Chris Rothe. Bought from the nice gentleman at the Atomic Fez Publishing table, because a) I’d heard of this book, b) Atomic Fez is an AWESOME name for a publishing company, and c) the book’s a comedy, and I’m down with the funny right now. I can’t do better than the blurb in telling you what it’s about: “a not-so-typical coming of age story involving scuba gear, terrible poetry, a fish eulogy, a walrus, pop music, terrible puns, marijuana, a fake attorney, homelessness, death, and far, far too much pornography”.

202 for the year!

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