The Anna is on Vacation book roundup post

This was actually written during my downtime the week of September 5th, though in keeping with my radio silence, I’m scheduling it to be posted on Monday the 12th! So here we go folks, various and sundry books to add to the Stuff I’ve Bought This Year list.

Picked up in print:

  • Aftermath, by Ann Aguirre. Another of her Sirantha Jax SF series, on which I am horribly behind! Continuing to buy this series in print because that’s how I started buying it, and I’m not a fan of mixing and matching formats in the same series.
  • Omnitopia Dawn, by Diane Duane. SF. Recommended to me some time ago, and I finally opted to pick it up in mass market paperback rather than ebook form, just because Diane Duane seems worthy of having around in print!
  • Look Closely, by Laura Caldwell. Mystery. Actually picked this up a few weeks ago, when userinfosolarbird had her gig at Inner Chapters, but forgot to note it on the book log.
  • Hellbent, by userinfocmpriest. Book 2 of her current urban fantasy series. It features a vampire, but hey, I’ll put up with that for Cherie Priest!
  • Wayfinder, by userinfomizkit. The second half of her urban fantasy Worldwalker duology. Picked up because, as always, Kit rocks.
  • One Salt Sea, by userinfoseanan_mcguire. Book 5 of the Toby Daye series, on which I am woefully, woefully behind!
  • The Truth of Valor, by userinfoandpuff. Book 5 of her ongoing SF series featuring Torin Kerr, which I am also behind on, and I need to get caught up on her too because Tanya Huff ALSO rocks.

Picked up electronically:

  • Knight’s Curse, by Karen Duvall. Urban fantasy. This is a release by Luna, the same folks who publish userinfomizkit‘s Walker Papers, and I know Karen via the Paranormal Mystery list I’m on. Looking forward to reading her work.
  • The Murder at the Vicarage, by Agatha Christie. Mystery, as should of course be obvious; this is a Miss Marple, in particular. Picked up as a B&N freebie, due to the woeful general lack of Agatha Christie in my library.
  • Spider’s Bite, by Jennifer Estep. Urban fantasy. This one has been on my radar for a while as a probable library book, but it was on sale for $1.99, which was too good an opportunity to pass up. *yoink!*

Up to 194 for the year.

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