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Norwescon 34: Made of epic and awesome

So here’s a super-quick summary of the various awesome things about Norwescon 34, this past weekend:

  • At least a couple people seem to have taken my Faerie Blood cards off the freebie rack, because two more people have added me on Goodreads. Thank you, Goodreads adders!
  • I did actually sell one of my Faerie Blood CDs, on Sunday afternoon while I was waiting for userinfosolarbird! Thank you, nice lady in fairy dress who stopped to talk to me in the lobby, and I hope you enjoy the book.
  • Dara got props from the Seattle Geekly podcast for the awesomeness of her music programming!
  • I discovered that nerdcore is, in fact, pretty cool.
  • My and Dara’s friend userinfotereshkova2001 took Best in Show for her Na’vi costume at the Masquerade! Go Torrey!
  • userinfoseanan_mcguire (Mira Grant) up for Best Novel Hugo for Feed! BOOYA!
  • I volunteered officially for the first time ever. I got over 15 hours helping Dara by running water to various performers, and by helping man the merch table as well! This netted me several free books and a shirt. Go me!
  • Stood in line for nearly two hours to get books signed by userinfojimbutcher and his wife Shannon. Worth EVERY MINUTE. Also got to get a book signed by the awesome userinfokatatomic, and said hello to Mary Robinette Kowal as well. Told her I very much looked forward to reading my copy of her book.
  • Bought several awesome shirts, including one of Jayne’s shirts from Serenity and a new Matt Smith Doctor Who shirt!
  • Got a mass market copy of userinfojpsorrow‘s (Benjamin Tate’s) Well of Sorrows, bought directly from him after a great panel on ebooks. He very kindly signed it for me right then, too! Thanks, Joshua!
  • Had the pleasure of meeting Heather Dale and her husband Ben, and watching them do a joint double set with userinfovixyish and userinfotfabris and userinfosolcita and userinfostealthcello. Bought a couple more of Heather’s CDs and a shirt, and she very kindly signed a CD for me as well. Her song about Sedna, the Inuit goddess of the sea, was GREAT. She is now clearly part of the ongoing conspiracy to make all my favorite music Canadian. 😀
  • My and Dara’s favorite Barcon quote: VODKA OF THE RIGHTEOUS! APPLE TINIS OF THE JUST!

All in all this was a very, very enjoyable convention and I look forward to doing more Actual Volunteering next year! And maybe doing some actual readings or something. ‘Cause, like, I have a book and stuff.

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