Time for another book roundup

In print:

  • The Dark and Hollow Places, by Carrie Ryan. YA/SF. This is her third book set in the world of The Forest of Hands and Teeth.
  • Pushing Ice, by Alastair Reynolds. SF. Bought in print since it’s not available electronically to US customers, and because I’d seen it favorably reviewed on Goodreads.


  • Memories of You, by Bobbie Cole. Romantic suspense. This is a Carina Press book, and I grabbed it since I’m a sucker for an amnesia plot.
  • Steam & Sorcery, by Cindy Spencer Pape. Steampunk. Again, Carina Press, and bought in no small part because I was enchanted by a cover with a heroine on it who not only has a visible head, she’s also wearing glasses.
  • Arabesque, by Hayden Thorne. Fantasy. Grabbed this off of Smashwords; it’s an M/M adaptation of the Snow White fairy tale, which I heard about via the Outer Alliance. Sounded like fun.
  • The Phantom of Pemberley, by Regina Jeffers. Mystery. This is yet another of the wave of sequels to Pride and Prejudice that have emerged since Jane Austen went into the public domain, and this time around, it’s a murder mystery taking place at Pemberley not long after Elizabeth and Darcy get married. Picked it up because it’s this week’s freebie on

This post’s total brings me to 52 for the year!

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