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New ways to buy Faerie Blood

For those of you who aren’t aware yet, Google has finally launched its own ebook store. I mention this not only because it’s a new way to buy Faerie Blood, but also because indie bookstores are leaping on this as a way for them to easily sell ebooks on their own sites.

Which I have to admit is awesome. I do love me some indie bookstores, but I also love me some ebooks, and an easy way to let indie booksellers in on the ebook fun strikes me as a good thing. Say what you will about Google.

In particular, I note that Third Place Books, my local indie bookstore of choice, now has Google ebooks set up on their site. So you can buy my book from them. Ditto for the Holy of Holies, Powells, who have a Google ebooks link up for my book over here.

I shall be updating FB’s page to include these new links. Note, my personal recommendation remains buying directly from my publisher, which guarantees me the best share of the sales and also just generally supports Drollerie. (ETA: Not to mention that it’s the best option for non-US customers.) But! If you want to slant in favor of supporting your favorite indie bookstore, by all means, I’m for that too. Basically, if you buy my book at all, I’m thrilled and will not mind at all where you choose to shop. 🙂

Thanks as always for your support!

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