Nook not full yet, time for MORE EBOOKS

Just because I could, here are the latest ebooks I’ve picked up!

From Barnes and Noble:

  • A Feral Darkness, by Doranna Durgin. Yes, the same book I read earlier this year! She’s finally released it in ebook form in various places, so if you are interested in reading it and can’t find a print copy, now’s a good time. I got mine from B&N of course, but she’s selling it on Amazon and on Smashwords as well. DRM-free, even!
  • Also from B&N, Greywalker, Poltergeist, Underground, and Vanished, all by userinfokatatomic (Kat Richardson). This would be because I need to get caught up on her books and I bought the last couple in hardback, and I don’t want to carry them to work. Would also have gotten the new one, Labyrinth, except that one doesn’t seem to be on the B&N store yet. (Bah.)

And from Carina Press (the same folks who currently are inspiring me to edit the hell out of Lament of the Dove, yes):

  • The Sergeant’s Lady, by Susanna Fraser. Historical romance. Bought for the giggle factor of her web page, which was getting attention on Twitter when her book came out, and also because she’s been quoted as saying she totally visualizes her hero as Nathan Fillion. Mmmmm, Nathan Fillion!
  • Rakes and Radishes, by Susanna Ives, another historical romance. Bought because the title amused me, as did the concept; the heroine trying to teach her handsome farmer neighbor how to be a rake. Snerk.
  • No One Lives Twice, by Julie Moffett. Comedic spy adventure/romance thingie, sounds like fun, and the heroine is a computer geek. Sign me up!
  • The Sevenfold Spell, by Tia Nevitt, whose book reviews I’ve been following for a while now. This is her first published work, a fantasy novella retelling the Sleeping Beauty story from the point of view of a side character. Not actually out until next week, but I went ahead and pre-bought it anyway.
  • Also bought as a pre-buy, Desperate Choices, by Kathy Ivan. Paranormal romantic suspense, with a psychic heroine who’s sought by her ex to help him find a missing boy.

And this, my children, brings me to an even 300 books acquired for the year!

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