And, yet a few more books

Picked up electronically:

  • Sasha: A Trial of Blood and Steel, by Joel Shepherd. Fantasy, one of Pyr’s line. Currently available for free on the Kindle store, so I snagged it for reading on either the phone or the iPad when I’m in the mood. Pyr unfortunately doesn’t hand nearly as much electronic love to the Nook store; the title’s available for sale there, but free beats nearly ten bucks, so.
  • Countdown: A Newsflesh Novella, by Mira Grant. For reasons which should be ENTIRELY OBVIOUS, given my love of Feed and Deadline. Those of you who follow userinfoseanan_mcguire know she was posting snippets of this leading up to the release of Deadline, but this is the polished up, edited version. Those of you who are e-inclined, grab this–it’ll help convince her publisher to let her do another one leading up to the release of Blackout.
  • The Door into Sunset, The Door into Fire, and The Door into Shadow, all by userinfodduane. Ebook editions of the “Door Into” books by Diane Duane, currently available for sale directly from the author over on her site. Those of you who are longtime fans of hers and in particular of this series may wish to check her post about the STARLIGHTGUILT discount currently active, and why she hasn’t finished this series in the last thirty years.
  • Prince Ivan, Firebird, and The Golden Horde, all by Peter Morwood, also available for direct sale on Diane Duane’s ebook site. These are re-releases of the Tales of Old Russia, and y’all should check Ms. Diane’s LJ post about that, including an OLDRUSSIA coupon code. Act fast, I don’t know how long this discount will be active!
  • Footsteps in the Dark, by Georgette Heyer. Old-school romantic/paranormal suspense, this week’s freebie from B&N.


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