Partly all about the Kickstarters book roundup post

And now, another episode of the What Books Has Anna Been Getting Her Hands On Show!

Grabbed from B&N for the Nook:

  • Parasite, by Mira Grant. Because anything written by Mira/Seanan is Love. First half of a new duology, and I have high hopes of seeing her prowess at all things parasitological on display here.
  • Some of the Best of, 2013 Edition. Pretty much what it says on the tin. A collection of various short stories published on this year, and bonus, it’s FREE as of this writing. Confirmed as present on, NOT present on Kobo as of tonight, though I’m pretty darned sure you should be able to get it for the Kindle too.

The next book I grabbed was from one of my NOT usual ebook sources: i.e., I’ve had an account there for ages, and in fact, it was one of the first places I opened an account on when ebooks started becoming a thing. I went to this site for this book on the grounds that I’d TRIED to buy it from Kobo before, except that for some reason, when I bought it from them, I got an entirely different book. I reported this to their support people at the time, and as of just the other day, they still hadn’t addressed the problem.

So, yeah, right then, went looking for it elsewhere. had it, so here you go:

  • Sherlock Holmes: The Breath of God, by Guy Adams. First of what appears to now be an ongoing series from Titan Books featuring new Sherlock Holmes adventures, with a touch of steampunk and/or supernatural going on.

And lastly, here, have an assortment of various titles I’ve acquired because of supporting people’s Kickstarters:

  • Ravensblood, by Shawna Reppert. Shawna is a fellow Carina author and this is a self-pub release, an urban fantasy set in the Pacific Northwest. For obvious reasons, I’m rather partial to those! She’s deployed it for sale on the Kindle. If you’d like to see her deploy it to other platforms, consider visiting her at her place. And buy her Carina title, The Stolen Luck, while you’re at it.
  • Twenty Palaces, by Harry Connolly. Got this because he handed it out for free to his Kickstarter backers, for his project to deploy a fantasy trilogy. People keep telling me I need to read this man, and this is his prequel to his Twenty Palaces urban fantasy series that starts with Child of Fire.
  • Bone Shop, Broken Mirrors, Grim Tides, and The Complete Stories of Tim Pratt, all by T.A./Tim Pratt. I was one of Tim’s Kickstarter backers for a new Marla Mason novel, and since people have kept telling me I should read him too, well. More urban fantasy, and Tim didn’t skimp on handing out free copies of several of his works to backers. Thanks, Tim!

174 for the year.

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