Faerie Blood

Eight Faerie Blood CDs available

I have eight of the Lightscribe CDs of Faerie Blood left over from my August 21st reading. If any of you all out there might be interested in taking them off my hands, please let me know!

On the CD you’ll find both the epub AND pdf versions of the book, along with a short Readme file telling you how to read either one and which you should use depending on your needs. There’s also a pdf copy of my short story “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”, included as a bonus.

The discs themselves are Lightscribe CDs and show Kendis’ face, a small bit taken from the book’s cover art. I will include a color printed insert and sign that upon request! (Or I will sign the disc itself.) The jewel cases the discs are currently in are either green or yellow, to match the cover art. I have more green available than yellow but will also swap out to red, blue, or purple on request as I have several spare cases in those colors.

If you’re local to me and I can hand-deliver you the disc and its jewel case, the price is eight dollars. If you’re not local, the price is ten dollars, to include the price of postage.

For payment, if you’re interested, please send the specified amount to my gmail address, annathepiper, via Paypal. Or talk to me in private about alternate payment methods, as well as arrangements to get you the disc.

I have no immediate plans to make more of these CDs, so get them while supplies last!

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