Faerie Blood

Finally, Faerie Blood on Amazon & Fictionwise (sort of)

I now actually show up in the search results if you look for “Faerie Blood Angela Korra’ti” on Amazon. I have me an actual Amazon page right here. It says “not yet available” on it, though. Which is vexing, since neither my editor nor I know yet exactly when the book will be available!

Those of you who have read the book already, though, if you feel inclined, you can maybe start encouraging things along. Drop ratings up there, reviews, tags, whatever you feel is appropriate! Now that there’s an actual page there data can be added!

Meanwhile, over on Fictionwise, they think I’m on the way, too. Those of you who have accounts on that system, feel free to keep an eye there too!

More data on both of these when I have it.

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