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Speaking of The Crowe

The Intarwebz are informing me today that he is apparently going to be in a remake of the 80’s TV show The Equalizer. My fangirly brain was dubious about this, and had the following conversation with itself:

Rational: Oh god not another remake!
Fangirly: But, but, but, RUSSELL! Shooting things!
Rational: But it’s ANOTHER REMAKE!
Fangirly: What part of RUSSELL SHOOTING THINGS are you not getting here?
Rational: This is yet another movie that’s standing between him and making a Master and Commander sequel.
Fangirly: …… well, you do have a point there.

I remember when The Equalizer was out, mind you, though I never watched it; I was too young to be its target audience at the time. Intellectually I can appreciate though that it seems like Russell would be a good match for the character. Wikipedia says the show was well-received and ran for four seasons, which matches my own vague recollection of it.

Anybody out there actually watch the show? If you did, what are your recollections of it?

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