How awesome was last night’s Castle (which, as is the Murkworks wont, we watched tonight)? Pretty damned awesome!

As is the Murkworks wont, we watched Castle tonight since userinfospazzkat‘s early bedtime means he’s in bed by the time it airs on Mondays. userinfojennygriffee joined us as well as per usual, and man, we all quite enjoyed tonight’s episode even if it was all Serious Episode Was Serious.

I’d had the Big Reveal already spoiled for me thanks to following the major Castle fan site, so I knew what was coming–but I didn’t care, since I was all EEEEEE! about it anyway, and I happily went WOO HOO! when the Smooching finally occurred. 😀

It ain’t like it wasn’t telegraphed the last few episodes anyway, so I was enjoying the buildup as much as the payoff. I was a little sad that the relationship with the ex-wife was terminated pretty much off-camera, but we knew that was going to happen that way regardless since she’d barely had any screen time at all–but still. I really liked the understatedness of the scene where Beckett overhears Castle breaking it off with her on the phone and very quietly backs off the way she’d come.

And Castle having those little epiphany looks the last few episodes… aw man! I love, love, love Nathan Fillion’s “OMG I love you” looks he gets. He’s so excellent at whipping those out. So far he has a fairly limited set of characters in his repetoire, but within those characters, oh damn those expressions. <3 Watching Castle react to the growing realization of his feelings for Beckett has been very, very sweet.

Which brings us around to tonight and ZOMG Serious Episode Was Serious. Lots of OHNOEZ RYAN AND ESPOSITO AUGH, and Beckett losing it, and Martha reacting to Castle nearly getting shot (and how excellent was she in that scene, wut?). And Beckett whipping out "Rick" rather than "Castle", and of course the SMOOCHINGS! And the double whammy of it as smooching #1 is all distraction but smooching #2 is all ZOMG SMOOCHING and yeah, I'm all fangirly-squee about this and will be for a bit, I think. 😀


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