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CoyoteCon and Maynowrimo are GO

If y’all have been following the news from Drollerie Press lately, you may already be aware of this–but just in case you aren’t, we’re having us a month-long online writers’ convention called CoyoteCon! It’s just like a physical convention, with panels and guest speakers and everything, but this convention doesn’t require you to shell out hotel and airplane funds, and you can participate from the comfort of your own computer. All you need to do is hop over to our site and register for the hosted chat sessions you’re interested in, and we’ve got quite a few.

Many Drollerie authors are participating, and we’ve got guest speakers from other publishers or agencies coming in to chat with us as well. We’ve even got scheduled word wars sessions, for the most dedicated writers among you! Go check the site for more information.

Meanwhile, my fellow Drollerie author Joely Sue Burkhart, a.k.a. , is hosting a related event she’s calling Maynowrimo! Go check her site for more information on that, especially if you’d like to sign up. I’m participating, with a hard push to get as much of Bone Walker does as possible. And watch this space for a post from me to come on Tuesday, as part of her series of guest posts on writing-related topics!

May’s shaping up to be a lot of fun at Drollerie, and we hope you’ll come join us!

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