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Join us at Drollerie for Coyote Con!

So my editor came up with an awesome, awesome idea: holding a virtual writers’ conference, in a series of organized chats, all throughout the month of May! We’re calling it CoyoteCon, and a whole lot of my fellow Drollerie authors will be participating. We’ll even have several important guests from elsewhere in the publishing world–look out, for example, for a guest appearance by !

Go check the link for details, people, and I hope you’ll be able to come by in particular for the panel I’m participating in on the 9th, about urban fantasy and paranormal fiction. Gosh! I’ve never been a convention panelist before. *^_^*;;

Registration’s free, but since these are organized chats you’ll want to sign up to get your slot for the ones you’re interested in! There should be giveaways involved as well–more details on this as events warrant. Hope to see a bunch of you there!

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