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Drollerie Blog Tour for April 2010: Foolery!

Hi there all and welcome to another edition of the Drollerie Press Blog Tour! If you’ve had half an eye on the Internet at all today you’ve probably seen a lot of clever things going around (in no small part what the fine folks at xkcd did to their site, as well as the many amusing posts had up), and in a similar spirit, we’d like to bring you a few posts on the theme of Foolery as well.

Anna Kashina expounds on why she finds the Fool an irresistible character type to work with.

I’ve got a new Faerie Blood character sketch up, about what happens when Jude Lawrence shows up for her first day at work.

David Sklar ruminates on how finding the Fool in yourself is more difficult at forty than at twenty.

Angelia Sparrow has some things to say about the Holy Fool, including a reference to a fine song by S.J. Tucker.

Please come around to all our posts and say hi, you guys! Bonus points if you bring with you a bit of Foolery of your own–and be on the lookout for what we’ll get posted next time. As always, thanks for coming by!

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