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February 2010 Blog Tour!

We’ve had a bit of a hiatus on this, y’all, but as of this month I’m reinstating the Drollerie Blog Tour! This time around, though, we’re doing something different: we’re inviting non-Drollerie authors to come participate, and so for the February round, several of my fellow Drollerie authors and I will be swapping posts with several non-Drollerie authors. I hope to make this a regular thing–so any non-Drollerie authors reading this, if you’d like in on the blog action, do drop me a comment and let me know.

But! This month’s topic, aside from general introductions of various authors, is “best and worst experiences with works in progress”. And this month’s lineup of posts is as follows:

Nora Fleischer is hosting Brandon Bell, with a post right here. Brandon is hosting posts by Sarah Avery and Nora here and here.

Anna Kashina is hosting a post by author Gayleen Froese, here. Gayleen in return is hosting a post by Anna here.

John Rosenman and I are both hosting Hamish MacDonald, a true self-published author. My link for him is here, and John has his version of the post over here. In exchange, Hamish has posts up for both me and John!

Our own David Sklar is exchanging posts with Angelia Sparrow. David’s post on Angelia’s blog is here, and David has Angelia’s post up on his LJ over here.

As always, thanks for reading these posts, y’all, and I highly encourage you to visit all the posts on the tour. Drop comments and say hi, and tell the authors I sent you! We’ll be back again in another month or so, and we hope to expand the scope of where Drollerie authors visit. Watch this space for more details!

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