Faerie Blood

Review an album, win my book!

Here’s another shot for y’all to win Faerie Blood if you’re up for it–but this time, the contest is being held by my beloved , who has finished a work EP for her forthcoming very first CD, to be titled Dick Tracy Must Die! Dara is recording every track on this thing singlehandedly, including vocals, bodhran, bouzouki, mandolin, flute, bass, and other instrumenty goodness. I am, frankly, in awe that she’s made herself sound like an entire band.

But she has! And she is Crime and the Forces of Evil! And her contest, wherein she’ll put folks into a drawing to win either a copy of her EP, a copy of my book, or a picture of our cats is over here. Check it out, and fear not, you can tell the Forces of Evil I sent you.

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