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The Drollerie Press sale has begun!

Folks, the promised gigantic sale has now launched at Drollerie Press! If any of you were waffling about when a good time to buy Faerie Blood would be, now would be fabulous. You can get the book for a mere $1.99!

All novel-length works are that same price (and I encourage you all to think very strongly about Cindy Lynn Speer’s The Chocolatier’s Wife or ‘s Beautiful Death), and shorter works range lower! As always, we sell in a variety of shiny DRM-free formats. Older works will be available in PDF, Microsoft Reader, and Mobi format, but our newer releases will also have Sony Reader and ePub.

For the interested, the sale prices should also be propagating out to some of the other vendors who carry us. Mobipocket is also carrying our sale prices, and although it may take until next week, Amazon will as well.

Go enjoy the reduced-price goodness, people! And don’t forget–if you review a Drollerie work and send me evidence of doing so, I’ll put you into the contest!

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