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New story in progress

So as of Friday I started slowly poking away at the new story I’ve been asked by my editor to write: the Civil War one set in the Faerie Blood universe. Only a tiny pittance of words so far, but it’s a start, and I have a soft deadline of August 10th and a hard deadline of August 30th to shoot for.

I do at least have the rough sketch of the plot worked out, so hopefully this should just be a question of whipping through the words. (She said, being long out of the habit of actually producing regular new words, and seriously needing to get back into it… so here’s hoping this thing will get me back in gear.)

The story is tentatively titled “The Blood of the Land”, which ties into the whole Warder thing with making blood ties to the land they’re protecting. And it’s a tie that can be broken or tainted, which is something I didn’t get into in Faerie Blood. This promises to be a darker and spookier story. I’m going to have fun with it.

Written Friday night: 90
Written today: 79
The Blood of the Land total: 169

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