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Another Faerie Blood/Drollerie contest!

In honor of the forthcoming sale at Drollerie Press (scheduled for October 3rd through October 17th), I am hereby announcing my next contest.

Anyone who reviews or rates either Faerie Blood or any other Drollerie Press work, and sends me proof that they have done so, will be entered in a random drawing for a $20 gift certificate to the book vendor of your choice. In particular, if you select Drollerie, this’ll be twenty bucks you can spend on a whole bunch of tasty on-sale ebooks!

Here are the types of evidence of reviews/ratings I will accept:

  1. Links to review posts on your own journals or blogs
  2. Links to review posts on appropriate forums
  3. Links to review posts on Goodreads, LibraryThing, or other similar sites
  4. Links to reviews on Drollerie’s site, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Powell’s, or any other vendor where Drollerie works are sold
  5. If you’re a customer on a site where you may only rate rather than review a book, get me a screenshot of whatever you had to do to rate the book. (Be sure to blur out any personal information on the screenshot before you send it to me, though.)

Note also that while good reviews are shiny, honest reviews are shinier, so please be sure to post your actual, legitimate thoughts on the works in question! The important thing is that you help spread the word about Drollerie’s books.

I will accept entries for the next two weeks, until Saturday, October the 10th. Please send me your entries either in the form of comments to this post, or else send me email to annathepiper AT gmail DOT com with the subject line “Review Contest”!

Lastly, special side note: my fellow Drollerie authors are not eligible to participate in this contest, but I do by all means encourage you to spread the word to your own readers!

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