Faerie Blood

Another nice Faerie Blood review spotted

spotted this nice mention of Faerie Blood in connection with YA novels the reviewer was reading. Somebody in the comments thought it sounded neat too. Yay!

To anybody who happens to wander by as a result of that post, first, hello! Second, for the record, Faerie Blood is not actually YA, although arguably it’s YA-friendly. Kendis at age 28 is too old to really qualify as a YA heroine, though.

Also, Christopher is only half-Scottish! This doesn’t actually come up in the story, but for giggles and grins and the reference of any of y’all reading this, Christopher’s father, Malcolm MacSimidh, actually is from Scotland. He moved to St. John’s, Newfoundland, at some point in his younger days and married Christopher’s mother, a Newfoundlander. Christopher however considers himself a Newfoundlander, even if he has a very Scottish name, since he was born and raised in St. John’s. It’s his mother’s blood that gives him his magic, not to mention his music.

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