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Because pre-ordering books is love ebook roundup

Shaman Rises

Shaman Rises

I need to open this post with saying that WAUGH THE WALKER PAPERS ARE ENDING *sniff*. Why, I remember back in the day when Kit was throwing the manuscript for Urban Shaman together!

And now look at it. Book Nine. How gorgeous is this cover? Thank you, Kit, for delivering us a hell of a ride. I look forward to seeing how you’re going to wind it up, and what you’ll throw at us next!

Meanwhile, picked up lately from Carina Press:

  • In the Black, by Sheryl Nantus. SF romance by a fellow Here Be Magic member, as featured on Boosting the Signal! She had me with citing Firefly as an influence!
  • It Had to Be You, by Delynn Royer. Period mystery set in the 20’s. Looking forward to checking this out.
  • Goddess Born, by Kari Edgren. Historical romance with a character descended from the goddess Brigid–and who possesses the power to heal. For obvious reasons, I’m partial to healers!
  • Court of Conspiracy, by April Taylor. Also historical, but with more of a fantasy bent from the sound of it, with a big helping of mystery as well.
  • Embrace and Crucible, both by T.D. Wilson. Because every so often Carina does, in fact, publish straight-up SF, and I make a point of supporting that, as you know!

From Barnes & Noble:

  • Time for Love, by Emma Kaye. Another recent Boosting the Signal featured book. ‘Cause if I like the sound of ’em well enough to boost their signals, chances are I’m gonna wanna read ’em, too. And this one’s time-travel romance! With heroines disguised as boys on board a ship! Woo! 😉
  • Shattering the Ley, by Joshua Palmatier. Pre-ordering this, the first of his new series that seems like it ought to be an SF novel with its cover, but it’s not! It’s fantasy! And having read some of Mr. Palmatier’s best work, I’m ON BOARD. Gimme.

From Kobo:

  • The Twelve Kingdoms: The Mark of the Tala, by Jeffe Kennedy (pre-order, received today!). This is fellow Here Be Magic member Jeffe Kennedy’s first fantasy novel!
  • Shaman Rises, by C.E. Murphy (pre-order). The FINAL Walker Papers book, bought for general obvious MUST HAVE THE KITBOOK reasons as stated above, and pre-ordering because Ordering Things By Kit is Love. And a present to Future Me, who will see this book show up in her Kobo library and be all WHAT BRILLIANT PERSON DECIDED TO PREORDER THIS? And THANK YOU, PAST ME!

And from Smashwords, last but not least:

  • Cycling to Asylum, by Su J. Sokol. Grabbed this because the author approached me in email after I read her short work of SF set in Quebec, and so I had to nab this. It’s future dystopian SF, in which an American family flees worsening conditions in the States to take refuge in Quebec. Looking forward to reading this one quite a bit!

63 for the year.


The free, DRM-free, and Kickstarter-provided books are awesome roundup!

Picked up from Angry Robot Books today from their 50 percent off DRM-free sale:

  • Roil, by Trent Jamieson. Fantasy/steampunk.
  • Morlock Night and Infernal Devices, by K.W. Jeter. Steampunk.
  • Hard Spell, by Justin Gustainis. Urban fantasy/detective noir.
  • Blackbirds, by Chuck Wendig. Horror/urban fantasy.
  • Empire State, by Adam Christopher. Urban fantasy/noir.
  • Camera Obscura and The Great Game, by Lavie Tidhar. Steampunk.
  • Sixty-One Nails, by Mike Shevdon. Urban fantasy.
  • Moxyland, by Lauren Beukes. Urban fantasy.

And, picked up for free at work because our licensing department had a bunch of free copies:

  • Unearthed, Submerged, and Vanished, all by Jordan Gray. These are the rest of the Mystery Case Files books put out by Harlequin–i.e., the books very loosely based upon our Mystery Case Files games at work! Kind of obliged to read these, I think. 😉

And, picked up because Kickstarters are awesome and I love this whole idea of throwing money directly at people to make art go (not that I have a vested interest in that or anything):

  • No Dominion, by C.E. Murphy. Urban fantasy, a companion tale to the Walker Papers, from the point of view of cab driver Gary. Cannot wait to read this now that I’ve finished Raven Calls!

This’ll put me at 65 for the year!