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Dragons and doorways ebook roundup

League of Dragons

League of Dragons

Short but sweet, just because I’m cleaning out my inbox again and wanted to file the receipts for these! Picked up from Kobo:

League of Dragons, the final Temeraire novel by Naomi Novik. Picked up because duh, Temeraire! \0/ My love for this series has been long-running, from the very first day I heard it pitched as “Patrick O’Brian meets the Dragonriders of Pern”. I mean honestly, how could I not love a series that’s what you get if you take Aubrey and Maturin and make Maturin a dragon? says that League of Dragons sticks the landing, and Dear Author liked it too. (And I may not often comment on Dear Author but yeah, if they’re going to go and review one of my favorite fantasy series even though they’re usually a romance site, fuck yeah I’m going to speak up in that comments thread. 😀 )

And has a lovely Temeraire reread series of posts that Kate Nepveu just did. Her reviews of the books lit a fire under me to finally get caught up on the series. I found Crucible of Gold very satisfying, and Blood of Tyrants uneven, despite it involving an amnesia plot (and I am a known sucker for amnesia plots). I’ve started League as of today. More thoughts on this to come.

(And also, let it be noted that I am sad, SAD I TELL YOU, that I apparently cannot acquire the entire Temeraire series in French in ebook form. I went looking, because once I eventually finish doing Harry Potter in Trilingual Form, Temeraire would be a very strong contender for another multi-lingual reread!)

Meanwhile, I also scarfed Seanan McGuire’s Every Heart a Doorway while it was briefly available for $2.99 in electronic form. (Its standard price is $9.99 right now and that’s a little more than I’m comfortable paying for a novella.) But! I’ve been hearing a lot of great things about this story (including a lot of buzz at the aforementioned, so I’ve been wanting to give it a go.

This makes 18 titles acquired for the year.

(Which, for those of you who pay attention to these posts, may strike you as a surprisingly low number given my book-buying history; here we’re halfway through the year already and I’ve barely cleared two digits. This would be because I am disgruntled at the return of agency pricing, which has made ebooks a lot more expensive from the big publishers again. So I’ve been making an effort to get caught up on reading books I already own, and for newer things by authors I don’t know yet, I’ve been checking those out from the library.)


August is full of all the awesome books roundup post

Ebooks grabbed from Book View Cafe:

  • A Fatal Twist of Lemon and A Sprig of Blossomed Thorn, by Patrice Greenwood. First two books of a cozy mystery series oriented around a tea shop. Grabbed these because 1) I like tea! and 2) Book 1 was very favorably reviewed by Doranna Durgin on Goodreads. And I’m quite willing to follow her recommendations!
  • Dispossession and Light Errant, by Chaz Brenchley. Couple more books by the excellent Chaz Brenchley, ebook repubs of some of his backlist.
  • French Fried, by Chris Dolley. Humor/true crime, grabbed because I saw it while poking around the BVC site and I thought it sounded potentially charming and amusing.

And from Barnes and Noble:

  • Codex Born, by Jim C. Hines. Book 2 of his Libriomancer series, bought because urban fantasy with book-based magic! Also because I adore Jim’s books.
  • Possession, by Kat Richardson. Book 8 of the Greywalker series. Bought because, as previously mentioned, big fan of those books.
  • Blood of Tyrants, by Naomi Novik. Book 8 of the Temeraire series. Bought because BOOK 8 OF TEMERAIRE SERIES. 😀

144 for the year.