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Please help Peter Watts

A lot of you reading this will probably see this posted elsewhere, but just in case you haven’t, word is going around the Net today about how Canadian SF writer Peter Watts was stopped at the US/Canadian border on his way back into Canada, beaten by border guards, and released in his shirtsleeves into the middle of a snowstorm. Various pertinent links include:

I’d previously downloaded the four Creative Commons copies of Peter’s novels from his site, and have elected to send him a Paypal donation for roughly the amount I’d have paid for these books if I’d bought them in paperback in a store. If like me you are deeply appalled that this happened to him, I would encourage you to consider sending him whatever you can spare as he gets a defense fund together.

More formal efforts to get something organized for him are underway, but in the meantime, he has a Paypal donation button here. If you use it, please also send him a separate note specifying that you’re donating to his legal fund since the button was originally set up for veterinary bills for his cats.

Thanks, folks. Let’s hope this works out for the best.

ETA 12/12/09 11:47am: Peter has posted again with an update, specifically touching on how a Michigan newspaper story on the incident is telling a version of events that contradicts what he said happened. He’s clearing up a couple other points as well, and voicing his thanks to folks who have given him support.


PSA for my fellow e-pub writers: Carina Press!

Word is going around the Net this morning that Harlequin, the grande dame of romance, is opening up a brand-new, electronic-only imprint that’s taking all genres. Points of interest about this:

  • They are specifically DRM-free.
  • If you write romance, they’re taking not only same-sex pairings, but also romances involving more than two people. All levels of sensuality are under consideration.
  • They’re taking all genres, not just romance. More interesting to me in particular, they’re accepting SF/F submissions of several varieties. SF/F with or without romantic elements to the plot is mentioned in their guidelines.

So if you have any interest in being electronically published and if in particular you’re anti-DRM, you may consider checking Carina Press out. Props to the fine ladies of Smart Bitches Trashy Books for spreading the word!