PSA for my fellow e-pub writers: Carina Press!

Word is going around the Net this morning that Harlequin, the grande dame of romance, is opening up a brand-new, electronic-only imprint that’s taking all genres. Points of interest about this:

  • They are specifically DRM-free.
  • If you write romance, they’re taking not only same-sex pairings, but also romances involving more than two people. All levels of sensuality are under consideration.
  • They’re taking all genres, not just romance. More interesting to me in particular, they’re accepting SF/F submissions of several varieties. SF/F with or without romantic elements to the plot is mentioned in their guidelines.

So if you have any interest in being electronically published and if in particular you’re anti-DRM, you may consider checking Carina Press out. Props to the fine ladies of Smart Bitches Trashy Books for spreading the word!

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