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A few things make a post

Some good reading on the Intarwebz today! First up, I bring you today’s Big Idea column over at the Whatever, where Mr. Scalzi brings word of Brad Meltzer’s new children’s books about Amelia Earhart and Abraham Lincoln. Parents of small children, especially daughters, go check this out. Especially if you’re fans of Calvin and Hobbes. The art for the Amelia book looks adorable.


Meanwhile, Jim Hines has put up a good post today going over a writing advice question I hear time and again: i.e., whether you should try to write to the market. I said over there, and I’ll say here too, that even though “don’t try to write to the market” and “be aware of the market” seem contradictory on the surface, for me they’re actually kind of not. You want to be aware of what people who aren’t you are writing, so you aren’t writing in a complete and utter vacuum, and accidentally writing stuff that people lost interest in reading five or ten or even more years ago. Plus, you never know what awesome ideas you may have spark for your next book.


Fellow Carina fantasy author Shawna Thomas is talking up her work over at Eleri Stone’s place, and in particular about coming-of-age fantasy. Go give her a look, ’cause fantasy by Carina is love!


I’ve been following the news posts on for a while now, because hi, yeah, Tolkien geek, yo. But this post of theirs made me up and join their message forums for the express purpose of voicing my appreciation to their forums member who wrote some nice fanfic about Dís, the mother of the dwarves Kíli and Fíli, the only female dwarf Tolkien ever named. Looks like Cirashala’s getting her epic on with further fanfic about the character, too, based on what she’s saying in the thread that the news post links to. I approve!


And last but least, speaking of Tolkien, I’m posting about reading fantasy in other languages over on Here Be Magic today! I talk up the Trilingual Hobbit Reread, but also a couple of the novels I want to read out of Quebec SF/F as well, like the ones by Élodie Tirel I’ve been talking about, as well as Esther Rochon.

C’mon over and tell me about nifty non-Anglophone genre works English speakers should know about, won’t you?

Valor of the Healer

Guest posting at Susanna Fraser’s place

Hey you guys! Fellow Carina author Susanna Fraser is hosting me on her blog with a guest post. C’mon over and chat with me about SF/F that’s congenial to romance readers, won’t you, in the name of multi-genre diplomacy?

And while you’re over there, do check out Susanna’s work if historical romance is your thing. I highly recommend The Sergeant’s Lady and A Marriage of Inconvenience.

Carina Press, Valor of the Healer

Posting at Carina Press today!

My promo post for Valor of the Healer has just gone live on the Carina Press blog! If you’re feeling inclined, c’mon over here and see what I’ve got to say about the challenges of writing Faanshi as a strong female character when she’s not obviously strong at first glance. I want to hear about your favorite female characters who are strong in unexpected ways, and I’ve got another giveaway of Valor of the Healer running in conjunction with that post as well!

So clickie, won’t you? Faanshi and I want to hear from you!