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Resurrecting an old short story for Dragon Week!

Chieftest and Greatest of Calamities

Chieftest and Greatest of Calamities

It’s Dragon Week over on the Here Be Magic blog this week, and in honor of that, I’ve resurrected one of my oldest surviving pieces of writing: a short story called “Riddle of the Golden Dragon” that I originally wrote in high school. That story is now linked in on my Short Stories page, and you can go directly to read it Riddle of the Golden Dragon! Go easy on it. I did write it in high school. 😉

Alert readers will note that the city of Shalridan is mentioned in this story. It is, indeed, set in the same world as the Rebels of Adalonia books, though I wrote this long before I changed the name of the country of Alendar to Nirrivy. You can assume that this story is more or less semi-canon to the history of Nirrivy. By which I mean, it’s set so far back along the timeline before Adalonia conquered Nirrivy that it can count as a legend at the very least.

And do come on over to Here Be Magic to see our celebration of dragons this week, won’t you? I posted yesterday, talking about all my favorite dragons, giving a shoutout to one of my favorite Le Vent du Nord songs, and mentioning the story there too! Check back as the week progresses to see what other Here Be Magic authors have to report about dragons, too!