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I have a Doctor Who THEORY

And I blame this on sleep deprivation after being up until 2:30am with last night’s release for work, but nonetheless, here you go, peeps!

Massive, MASSIVE spoilers for seasons 5 and 6 lie beyond the fold. Do not clickie if you are not caught up on Matt Smith’s Doctor episodes!

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RIP, Elisabeth Sladen

Oh man, this one hurts.

Those of you who follow Twitter and Facebook as closely as I do already know this, but for those of you who don’t: the news just broke that Elisabeth Sladen, the actress who played Sarah Jane Smith in the classic Doctor Who series, the new series, and The Sarah Jane Adventures has passed away. And my heart breaks for her to hear that it was, yet again, due to cancer.

As many of you know I came officially into the Doctor Who fandom courtesy of the new show. But I can say with authority that Sarah Jane is one of the first Companions from the classic series that I very, very much liked, and I particularly liked her with Tom Baker in her run of episodes with him. Genesis of the Daleks, shown me by userinfospazzkat in my marathon introduction to classic-series Dalek episodes, stands out for me as a shining example of a classic series episode.

Her appearance with David Tennant in the episode “School Reunion” remains one of my favorites of the new show as well, in no small part due to the scene where she finally is reunited with the Tenth Doctor. But her scenes with Rose as well are gold.

The official Doctor Who site has a confirmation and statements from several Doctor Who luminaries here. And I’m seeing confirmations all over Twitter, notably from Paul Cornell and from the gentlemen of the Doctor Who Podcast. It is a sad, sad day for Doctor Who fandom.

RIP, Sarah Jane. You will be sorely missed.

Talk to me about your favorite Sarah Jane moments, people? Let’s remember her together.

(And for those of you reading this on LJ or DW, I don’t have an exactly mood-appropriate Doctor Who icon, so I’ll have to make do with a Dalek with tea. ‘Cause yeah, I think tea would be good.)

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Vacation in review

I’ve got to say, two weeks of just hanging out at home has been one of the nicest vacations I’ve had for a while. It hasn’t been fancy or exciting or expensive, but it sure has been relaxing. The last few times I’ve had this much time at home have been surgery recovery–and by comparison, this has been more like the Longest Weekend Ever. All things considered, an excellent way to round out 2010.

In brief, here’s what I’ve been doing the last couple of weeks:

  • Saw and enjoyed both Tron: Legacy and Tangled. Both were quite pretty, and while T: L had less plot than one might have liked, it actually had more plot and emotional weight to it than the first one did. And I say this as a fan of the first one, which I rewatched during this downtime, too! As for Tangled, I liked it more than I expected it would, given my prior fear that it’d screw up my favorite fairy tale. It was Disney by the numbers, but then, Disney does do awfully catchy numbers.
  • Did Longest Night with userinfosolarbird, in which we did what seems to be becoming my yearly tradition of rewatching The Lord of the Rings. We are sure you’ve noticed by now that the sun did, in fact, come back up.
  • Speaking of Solstice, and Christmas by extension, I didn’t really want much loot this year thanks to having gotten the Awesome Guitar of Awesomeness. But a few lovely bits of loot were had nonetheless! Most notably, Dara gave me a really clever little capo that lets you capo individual strings and therefore simulate different tunings. I also got Peter Jackson’s King Kong on Blu-Ray from userinfomamishka, Matt Smith’s just-concluded series of Doctor Who from userinfospazzkat, a B&N ebook card from userinfojennygriffee, a lovely hardbound copy of a Norwegian graphic novel from userinforavyngyngvar, and the obligatory pile of stocking stuffer candy.
  • The Thursday before Christmas, Dara and I went downtown and spent a lovely afternoon at Ummelina, the spa on 4th. We did their two-person Pacific Rim package, and mmmm relaxing. This was redeeming the gift card I got Dara back in April for her birthday, since we’d decided that “while I am on vacation” was an excellent time to do so. After the spa, I did a lightning-quick raid on the marketboys, catching them JUST as they were closing up shop and surprising them by my arrival. They looked pleased to see me! Or at least pleased to sell me literally last-minute raspberries. 😉
  • Christmas Day itself was fairly quiet. Dara and I went back downtown for the aforementioned viewing of Tangled, and afterwards had Chinese at a place downtown we hadn’t tried before. We didn’t care for the place much, but they were awfully overworked that night so we couldn’t quite hold it against them. And the food, while mediocre, was revived by Dara later for two more meals’ worth of nomming. So it was a win in the end.
  • Have been doing a lot of trying to fill out all the achievements on Plants Vs. Zombies, as well as trying to play through the new levels in Angry Birds. Raise your hand if you’re surprised.
  • The high point of Christmas Day was definitely the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and big kudos to BBC America for having actually broadcast it in a timely fashion and uncut, as I previously posted!
  • Also as previously posted, Dara and I had an almost impromptu totally blottoed viewing of “Spock’s Brain”!
  • Also watched a lot of MST3K as I was seriously in the mood. Bought one of the DVD box sets we hadn’t owned before and watched all of those, as well as The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (PERFECT followup to “Spock’s Brain”) and Hercules Against the Moon Men via YouTube, streamed over the Blu-Ray player. (Which worked amazingly well, I might add, and way better than playing those same videos over any of the computers in the house would have done. Even given that it’s on the exact same network!)
  • Some light reading was done, and way less writing or editing than should have been (read: none to speak of).
  • Caught a cold, which was NOT so fun. But really, it didn’t change much of what I was doing anyway, except while I was shaking it off, I was doing the same things with added blankets, Nyquil, and sneezing. George was very, very happy to occupy my lap the whole time regardless.
  • And last night, we finished off the year with a lovely visit from Jenny as well as userinfollachglin, userinfokathrynt, and their children, for consumption of homemade pizza, some more boozahol and snacks, and playing of Rock Band 3. Jenny stayed overnight with us so she wouldn’t have to drive all the way back to Issaquah with a bunch of drunk New Year’s Eve partiers out on icy roads, and we got up to have tasty breakfast cooked by Paul. A great way to finish off the old year, and start a new one, indeed.

So yeah. Feeling ready and rested if not tanned, and rather looking forward to getting back into the swing of normal things on Monday. Bring it on, 2011!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Doctor Who Day!

No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, I hope it’s going splendidly for you! If you’re with loved ones, may you have excellent food and presents; if you’re spending it alone, may you have something handy to pamper yourself, maybe good music or food or books.

If you are a writer, may your muse give you a present of the best possible words for the stories you want to tell.

And if like me you are a fan of Time Lords, may you enjoy the Doctor Who Christmas special airing tonight! Thank you, BBC America, for airing the new special here in the States in a timely fashion–and uncut as well! 😀

userinfosolarbird and I are going out tonight to see Tangled at Pacific Place and then we’ll be looking for somewhere nice to have Chinese food for dinner! After that, we are totally all over the Doctor Who.

Enjoy your holiday, all!


Right then so we have us a new Doctor!

So we’re a few episodes in now on the new guy, and I know some of you out there are watching directly via the BBC, some of you are watching via BBC America, and some of you are using Means Which Shall Not Be Mentioned! Me, I’ll eschew going into specific episode details since I don’t know who’s up to date with what–but I will say I’m caught up through the most recent BBC episode, “The Time of Angels”.

And suffice to say, yeah, I’m down with the new guy. He’ll do. 😉

I’m always going to miss Tennant, who I daresay will always be My Doctor(TM), but I’m happy to see Matt Smith starting to get his bearings with the role. In the first couple of episodes, it’s the Murkworks consensus that he’s still channeling a bit too much Tennant. When he’s not chanelling Tennant, he’s apparently channeling Two, a.k.a. Shemp Doctor in our house; userinfosolarbird and userinfospazzkat, as the original Classic Who fans in the house, are better at picking that out than I am. But I can kind of see it as well. As of the most recent episode, though, there are moments when Smith seems to finally meld both of these influences into something new and therefore his own.

Companion-wise, I like Amy Pond pretty well so far too. Yeah, she’s pretty much still in the mode of clever, beautiful young woman we’ve had established as the Standard Companion with New Who. But on the other hand, she’s starting to show the sorts of cleverness that seem best on display in the episodes Moffat previously wrote. And she’s got the best Companion backstory, hands down, ever.

I think too that the most recent episode, fourth one they’ve aired so far, is the first one to really feel like the season’s truly underway and not just hitting all the usual notes of “okay we’re introducing a new Doctor AND a new Companion and oh hey let’s get the obligatory Dalek episode out of the way”. userinfomamishka and userinfojennygriffee have been joining us for Doctor viewing the last couple of weeks, and I mentioned to everyone that with this week’s episode, one of the things I really enjoyed was the simple fact that the Weeping Angels are the most effective monster that the new show has ever introduced. And this episode? A worthy followup indeed to “Blink”.

Which of course leads me to mentioning River Song. No real surprise that she’s back too since her introduction was also in a Moffat episode–but we were also all in strong, strong agreement that the handling of her return was excellent, and as is very fitting in a show featuring time travel, continuing the delightfully screwed up timeline of meetings between her and the Doctor.

Yeah. I think our favorite Time Lord’s in good hands indeed.