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Early Work

Forthcoming goodie for you all this week

The first two novels I ever wrote were things I wrote in middle school and high school. They were both called The Starblade of Radmynn because I sucked at coming up with titles back then. BUT, they are also the oldest surviving complete books I have, and they serve as the forerunners for the Rebels of Adalonia books.

And I’m going to make one of them available for download right here on my site. The later Starblade was actually written to be a prequel to the first Starblade, so when I put this up for you it’ll actually be The Starblade of Radmynn I. (I’ll do Starblade II later.)

Fair warning that oh god yes these do indeed read like they were written by a teenager. But they are rather precious to me as some of the earliest examples of my writing, and I thought it would be fun to make them available, maybe with some annotations. Because I was quite amused by Jim Hines’ annotating and MSTing his own first novel, and I figure if Hines can do it, what the hell, I’ll put the two Starblades up for you all to giggle over too. Plus I want to experiment with doing popup footnotes in an ebook, and this would be a fun way for me to learn how to do those.

I’m not going to actually deploy them out to the ebook vendors I sell through, because these aren’t things I want to try to sell. And I’m not going to try to get cover art for them either, since I’m not going to try to sell them. But if I see any interest I may consider adapting them into serious, legit prequels for the Rebels books!

So be on the lookout for Starblade I coming to my site some time this week. Featuring an amnesia plot and a telepathic unicorn. Because OF COURSE IT DOES. ;D