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This weekend Dara and I are attending Westercon 69 in Portland! We got here today and so far my convention has consisted of hanging out with fellow NIWA members Madison Keller and Rachel Robinson, a.k.a. Maquel A. Jacob! We’re teaming up to sell books at a table in the dealers’ room, and I noted with pleasure that behind us is the table where none other than Alexander James Adams is selling music. And across from us is Book Universe, who often sells so many wonderful books at Cascadia-based conventions.

Fellow NIWA compatriots Lee French and Jeffrey Cook, both of whom have appeared on Boosting the Signal, are running their Clockwork Dragon table as well. So even though we don’t have an official NIWA table at this con, we DO have a pretty strong NIWA presence! Which I feel is awesome. We’ll even be having a Meet and Greet as well.

And don’t forget: in honor of this convention as well as Clallam Bay Comicon which I’ll be attending next week, Faerie Blood and Bone Walker are on sale for 99 cents each in ebook form. That sale is in effect until July 16th!

MEANWHILE! In case you’re coming by to visit my site from Smart Bitches Trashy Books, welcome to you!

I have posted many a time about the awesomeness of the ladies at Smart Bitches Trashy Books, my one-stop-shopping place for where to find the romance novels I like to read. I like the Bitchery well enough that I am trying a new thing: I have signed up to sponsor two episodes of the Dear Bitches Smart Authors podcast, which SB Sarah runs jointly with Jayne Litte from Dear Author!

Today the first of the episodes I am sponsoring went live. You can find it right over here, and I am particularly pleased that the episode I am sponsoring involves neuroscience! And a lot of questions about female sexuality! There are heavy-duty topics called out in the episode description, and I’m looking forward to giving this a listen, because it sounds like an episode with some substance to it.

And that, O Internets, is why I wanted to show the podcast some sponsorship love: because it’s not just about romance novels, but also about crunchy topics like female sexuality and neuroscience and sometimes history and science and any manner of things that go into building the stories of the genre. Sarah and Jayne have even been perfectly happy to bring in interviewees who don’t write romance–I was super pleased, for example, that they interviewed Jim Hines earlier this year!

I figured, hey, if they can interview one of my favorite fantasy authors, thereby showing their readiness to step across genre lines, I want to step back across the same genre line and show ’em some sponsorship love. This week’s episode is sponsored by me with my Angela Highland hat on, and therefore by the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy! Next week will be sponsored by me as Angela Korra’ti, highlighting the Free Court of Seattle books! And both episodes are running tracks from the Bone Walker Soundtrack as well!

So if you’re coming over from the Bitchery to check me out, again, greetings and welcome and do drop a comment to say hi! And if you think you might like my urban fantasy or epic fantasy, do check out the books!

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