The Free Court of Seattle, Warder Soul

Now introducing: Warder Soul!

I am delighted to report, for those of you who didn’t already see me post this on the social networks, that Book 3 of the Free Court series now has an official working title! Until and unless something better presents itself, the book will now be called Warder Soul.

Though really, I’m pretty happy with this, so I doubt it’ll be changed. It fits nicely with the short, punchy two-word titles the previous two books have. It also continues an unofficial theme of Book 1’s title being about Kendis, book 2’s being about what’s going on with Elessir, and now book 3’s title tying in with Christopher. And there’s also a theme of “blood”, “bone”, and “soul”, which I like.

My In Progress page has been updated accordingly, and I can also now create a whole new post category as well!

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