‘Tis the season to post awards eligibility!

So since I’ve started seeing the yearly round of authors posting about “what I wrote last year that’s eligible to be voted on for awards THIS year”, what the hey, here’s my post on that.

Novels released by me in 2015 are, of course:

Bone Walker, book 2 of the Free Court of Seattle series.

Victory of the Hawk, book 3 of the Rebels of Adalonia trilogy.

I’m pretty sure that neither of the short stories I released in 2015 (“The Blood of the Land” and “The Disenchanting of Princess Cerridwen”) really count for 2016 awards eligibility, on the grounds that both of these stories have been previously available and therefore aren’t really new work. “The Blood of the Land” was originally released by Drollerie, and “Cerridwen” has been previously available as a free read here on my very own webpage. (And still is, for that matter.)

So if anybody out there feels like nominating me for anything*, please focus on the novels. And while you’re at it, if you want to consider nominating the Bone Walker soundtrack as a Best Related Work, that wouldn’t suck either. 😀

Thanks to all for your consideration!

* And by ‘anything’, I mostly mean ‘the Hugos’, since I’m also pretty sure I’m not eligible for the Nebulas on the grounds that I am not a SFWA member. And I can’t be in contention for the RITAs since I don’t write romance, and the RITAs dropped their category for works ‘with romantic content’ (the only RITA category in which I might have actually qualified). The EPPIEs, maybe? But hey, if there are other awards I might be eligible for, surprise me. ;D

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